Meet Me at the Sunbelt

by White Woods

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released May 28, 2010

White Woods:
Dan Belisle - vocals
Pat Boston - bass/vocals
Mike McCarron - drums
Mike Moschetto - guitar/vocals
Brandon Dale Rogers - guitar

All songs written and performed by White Woods
All lyrics by Dan Belisle

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Moschetto
Recorded March-May 2010 at the WERS Performance Studio (Boston), the Office (North Andover) and Château Yorqueton (Somerville, MA)

Art by Mike Moschetto
Source image: Hrald/Wikimedia Commons
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

℗©2010 White Woods

Thanks: All our friends and families, Jon Ruest, Mike Mastrangelo, Nils Montan, Jim McCarron, Leaders Led, Alex Bromberg, Roger Tower, Nick Rossi, Greg Ragnio, Rio Bravo



all rights reserved


White Woods Extended Family Massachusetts

White Woods (Extended Family) is a collective of musicians based in northeastern Massachusetts. Encompassing various lineups, the band blends heritage emo, indie rock and post-hardcore, constantly reinventing themselves in an uphill battle to create something uniquely their own. ... more

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Track Name: Firefly
So this is where we start
From the bottom of my heart
And I'm falling down
And nowhere we'll go
Because nobody knows
And I'm falling down
I won't let go
So this is what it comes down to
The end is beginning to end
So precious, the things we hold onto
Before throwing them into the air
I won't let go
I wait for the day you tell me
You're leaving home
But I won't stand there and watch you
Get up and go
I won't let go
So this is where we start
From the bottom of my heart
And I'm falling down
And nowhere we'll go
Because nobody knows
And I'm falling down
Track Name: Left to Right
Wake up, open your eyes
Rise and shine, now's the time
And time's getting thin
Let's not do this again
Promises made tend to walk away
No matter what we say
Things that change haven't changed
At the end of the day
So why kid ourselves?
Either hang it up
Or put it back onto the shelf
And remember one thing
What we've got is unlike anything else
The time is now
Track Name: Hangin' from the Chandeliers
I never knew you were such a goddamn liar
So here's the truth
I want to start new
Burn you in the fire
Doesn't make a difference
We all burn the same
Burn it in the flame
Not that I
I never said I
Doesn't make a difference
I'll meet you by the shoreline
Scream these words to me
I never knew you
You're such a goddamn liar
Track Name: Stars that Collide
We're two stars that collide
And I'm biding my time
Between the moon and sky
And I'm not wasting my time because
We're a bright light in the middle of the night
We're two stars that collide
Track Name: 50/30
Do you remember that night
Down by the shoreline
We drank a few to pass the time
Our heads were spinning
While our feet kissed the tide
Down by the shoreline
Thoughts raced through my head
But I couldn't get a hold of them
Do you remember that night
Down by the shoreline
Just the two of us in the moonlight
The tide was sinking
While you lie by my side
Down by the shoreline

"Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors, so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot." [Carl Sagan]

I know now what I knew back then
So I thank you again and again