Let's Get Lost

by White Woods

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released December 31, 2011

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Moschetto
Recorded and mixed at The Office (North Andover, MA) September-December 2011

Dan Belisle: vocals
Mike Moschetto: guitars, bass, vocals
Mike McCarron: drums, keys

All lyrics by Dan Belisle (except "Patton" by Dan Belisle and Mike Moschetto)
All music by Brandon Rogers, Mike Moschetto, Mike McCarron and Patrick Boston

Art by Dan Belisle

©℗2011 White Woods

We mostly do this for our own enjoyment, but thanks are in order: Aviator, Featherweight, Let It Go, Undark and the Radium Girls, Force Fed Lies, Think Again, Bright Red Reason, Borderland, Paper Planes, Matahari, Trashfire, My Fictions, Darkwoods, Pangea, Old Gray, Conlon, PILE, friends + families + significant others



all rights reserved


White Woods Extended Family Massachusetts

White Woods (Extended Family) is a collective of musicians based in northeastern Massachusetts. Encompassing various lineups, the band blends heritage emo, indie rock and post-hardcore, constantly reinventing themselves in an uphill battle to create something uniquely their own. ... more

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Track Name: PS
You took a walk around the town that haunts you
Wandering a place unknown
Remembering the one that melted you
Bringing it all back home

Consider this a tribute
To everything you once knew
Weary-eyed, black-and-blues
Opaque is now see-through

The days you lived, they were well-spent
The life you led was no accident
And those you loved still remember it
You had it good until the end

"All you do is head straight for the grave
A face just covers a skull for a while
So stretch that skull-cover and smile"
Track Name: PPS
Before the sun dies, let me say goodbye
Let me wave goodbye to sunburnt on a blue midnight
Now you're gone, never coming back
So long, so long
Now she can breathe a sigh of relief
Now you can breathe a sigh of relief
And he can breathe a sigh of relief
And you can breathe a sigh
Track Name: Frantics in the Switchhouse
Fade into the distance and dim the lights
Blow out your candles and say goodnight
We walked away but not for long
Rehashing memories to celebrate in song

You left this life and the world behind
And now it's time

You were gone in due time
And now it's time to say goodbye

Drift into the distance and leave the lights
Put away your candles for another night
We left today, not gone for long
Your everlasting tribute rings on and on

I'll see you on the other side
It was a seven-week swan song
That lasted seven weeks too long
And for seven weeks you held on
Until that day before dawn
Track Name: Patton
The world may never know
(The world will never know)
Now you're gone and I can't even
Find the words to put in this song
To express how I feel
About the one I looked up to
Who's left for good
The one who's left for good
That's it, I need to move on
It's okay, you're happy now but
It's sad to see you go
You're in a better spot, I know
But I still have something to say
Track Name: Home Is Where the Heat Is
Driving down the coast with a couple of miles to go before we find our way
Getting tired behind the wheel, sick of the same road every single day
The sun's down and it's cold out

We're almost home, just another mile to put away
Then we'll give our bones another resting place
The sun's down and it's cold out

(We made the change)

Well now, home is where the heat is
Fahrenheit or Celsius
No matter the read, home is where the heat is

We packed our suitcase up, filled the tank and headed west
Leaving behind a broken piece of a broken past like shattered glass
What I know now, how it haunts me

I believe in starting new, starting over on a page that's blank
Glass kitchen window, the sun shines through and it hits the sink
It's our place now with new ceilings
Temperature's rising, I can feel it

And I'm glad you rode with me
Finally found a place we can breathe
And your smile eclipses my heart
Reflecting all you mean to me

Left it all behind for something more
A cleaner slate than before
A welcome stranger at our door
Answer with bare feet to the floor
There's no place I'd rather be
Trade all four seasons for the heat
I think I've found the city for me
Yeah, I found the city for me

Started life out west: all new friends and better days
Looking at the weather ahead, clear blue sky that shares it's name
And I'm glad we made the change